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Parag Kulkarni - The Peacemakers

Parag Kulkarni, Infoscion in the day and scifi mystery novelist at night, debuts with a thriller – THE PEACEMAKERS

India is neither devoid of fiction novels, nor novelists, neither of love stories, nor of books about mythological reinstatements, neither of crazy philosophies nor of interpersonal, family or corporate conflicts, and not the least of which is fantasies or sci-fi.

What Parag believes it is devoid of, is a book written as a scientific but realistic fiction that uses the wealth of India’s scientific progress as a means to conjure a story! Thus originated his first book – THE PEACEMAKERS, a scintillating story of an IIT student, a scientist and a RAW agent who come together to solve a riddle, while simultaneously saving themselves from mysterious foes and few frenemies. The novel, which is fast paced and thrilling, has been duly recognized for its plot, characters and content.

Parag Kulkarni
Parag Kulkarni

Parag Prabhakarrao Kulkarni is a software professional with Infosys with more than 13 years of experience in the field of providing IT services to its customers. But the author in him possesses keen interest in scientific & historical events with a specific emphasis on events that connect the two ethos. He is also fond of hobbies like astronomy and star gazing. His works have been inspired by great scientific thinkers of the twentieth century.

parag kulkarni Infosys Book Signing Event
Parag Kulkarni in Book Stall Event at Infosys – “Signing of books was an amazing experience for a first time author”

Parag’s Journey as a writer

Born in Latur district of Maharashtra, and studying at a Marathi medium school till his matriculation, it was never in his wildest dream that he would end up as an author. But this is what makes this story more interesting. In 1998, after his 12th, he decided to go for engineering at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. It was a brave, but life changing move for him, as that is where the roots of his book writing skills originated. Once there, he had no choice but to formulate his life around English language. He had an unlimited access to Library and English speaking people. So, taking maximum advantage, he read, took notes and read out loud when he was alone, just to improve his spoken skills. Novels became his best friends. The likes of Ayn Rand, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, and Fredrick Forsyth were his initial inspiration.

And when he moved to US for work (2004-2010), it was like he found a treasure. He visited museums, libraries and many historic monuments and then documented his experiences in his diary very meticulously. Those little personal blogs proved to be of great consequence to him becoming an author eventually.

But at the core of all of this, he attributes his current disposition to him being a ‘student of science’ all along.

it’s going to be a trilogy. The current one in progress is the second in the series

I take out one hour each day after my office hours and do important research for my book.


Amazon Page
Parag Kulkarni – The Peacemakers – Click on image to go to Amazon page

Key highlights since publication

  • During its development stage, the book has been proof-read by a UK based author Alina Voice (Author of Liftlights series) and she was highly impressed with the plot. She has also submitted a review on Amazon UK Site.
  • India’s foremost scientific figure, and one of the most respected scientists of all time, Dr. Jayant Narlikar of the IUCAA, has read it and provided personal feedback by inviting him to IUCAA campus in Pune. He has also edited the book after first publication and has incorporated his recommendations in the version 2 of the book, which has been published already.
  • He has successfully hosted a book stall event at the Infosys Pune campus and has received great response from his colleagues and avid readers.
  • His second book, Ambivalence of Sorts is still in the making but has been shortlisted by the UK based publisher (Pegasus Publishers, Cambridge) for publishing in the UK.

Parag’s The Peacemakers is available on Amazon.

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