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Being Unconventional is the Strength of this Goan Fitness Trainer

In each person lies their best and healthiest selves. As people have become health-conscious and image-sensitive, so has the pursuit of fitness. However, so many times we see people start a fitness program feeling motivated and lose interest quickly because it becomes boring after a while! But, hold on – a lot of enthusiasts from Goa don’t get bored at all with their fitness regimen and the reason – their multi-talented certified fitness trainer Sunil Karmalkar. With a decade of experience under his belt in designing contemporary, unconventional and creative fitness programs, tailored as per individual’s requirements, for indoor and outdoor applications (including the beautiful Goan beaches), he has created his own distinct identity that sets him miles apart. Let’s dig deep!

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Sunil Aisha Karmalkar
Sunil and his wife Aisha, who herself is a certified personal trainer, together help their clients achieve fitness and lifestyle goals.
Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Certification 2
Sunil Karmalkar is a certified personal Trainer
Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Certification 1
Sunil Karmalkar is also a certified Kick Boxing Instructor
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Born in a joint family in a village in Goa, Sunil and his family were barely able to make their ends meet. Worried about their financial condition and future, he started working as an attendee in a gym on a part-time basis till 2006 while he was doing his Electronics Engineering. Seeing the positive changes in his clients after following his fitness routines, he started liking this field and decided to make a career in it.

He later enrolled himself into a certification course in fitness training based on modules of ACE (American Council on Exercise) and thereafter joined as a personal trainer in the same training institute. In 2009, he got his first big break – an opportunity to train famous Goan Industrialist Mr. Shivanand Salgaocar and his family. Impressed by his style of training that incorporated all facets of fitness, he was offered a job as a trainer for the famous Salgaocar Football Club. This association turned out to be his career defining phase.

I owe my success to Salgaocar sir. Whatever I have achieved today, as a fitness trainer, is because of his support and guidance.
Sunil Karmalkar

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Sunil Karmalkar with Shivanand Salgaocar
Sunil owes his success to Mr Shivanand Salgaocar, famous Goan Industrialist
Sunil Karmalkar - Salgaocar FC AFC Cup 2012 and winning Durand Cup 2014
Sunil was part of the support staff when Salgaocar FC represented India in Asian Football Confederation Cup 2012 (Left) . He was also part of the support staff when Salgaocar FC won the Durand cup in 2014 (extreme right)
Sunil Karmalkar - Salgaocar FC Team and International Trainers
Sunil got the exposure to work with international coaches, trainers and footballers during his stint with Salgaocar FC Club
Sunil Karmalkar - Salgaocar FC Team Awards
Sunil was part of the support staff when Salgaocar FC won I-League, Federation cup, Durand Cup, Goa League twice between 2009-2015

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Between 2009 to 2015, he got rich exposure at the club working with some great domestic and international coaches, players and fitness trainers from countries like Brazil, Morocco, England, Australia and USA . The vision of national and international coaches around fitness, new and varied tools and techniques practised by international trainers, sports injury and rehab approaches of master physios and working on domestic and international players with different fitness levels, gave Sunil a breadth and depth of experience he could only dream of in the beginning of his career.

I used to also do lot of research during my free time on new tools, techniques and fitness courses and did multiple certifications.. It helped me design more variations in my exercises and introduce new ones.
Sunil Karmalkar

With the support of Mr Salgaocar, Sunil started giving personal training for select clients in the Salgaocar gym itself when he had free time. His contemporary style of workouts, the tools and equipment he used and the techniques he followed were generating wonderful results for his clients. His demand was soaring. That’s when Mr. Salgaocar suggested him to think about starting his own practice. Sunil took the plunge and started on his own towards end of 2015. Sunil’s Fitness Wave thus started spreading across Goa.

Nobody loves to workout. They do it because they need to. My main aim is to generate interest about fitness in my clients.
Sunil Karmalkar

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Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Personal Training 3
Sunil believes an inner athlete lives inside everyone, and it’s his job to motivate clients to unlock their physical potential
Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Personal Training 10
Sunil is an expert in training sports players using international techniques in fitness routines
Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Personal Training 8
Sunil strives to make each workout a learning and challenging experience using new tools and techniques
Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Personal Training 6
Sunil treats each client differently, recognizing that what works for one person may not work for another
Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Personal Training 7
Sunil designs training programs that are rich in variety, challenging your muscles and cardiovascular system while focusing on the mind/body connection

Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Personal Training 11
Sunil trains young and old to help them achieve their fitness goals

Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Personal Training 9
Sunil has trained a range of clients, including sports players, weekend warriors, desk jockeys, homemakers and the elderly

Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Wave - Transformation
Sunil’s work has helped tone and shape bodies, empower minds, and increase stamina and vitality to enjoy life in and outside the gym.

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Varying the formats and methods of workouts is key to maintaining measurable and sustained progress. Apart from using latest tools like TRX, BOSU ball, Medicine ball for workouts, Sunil also came up with new outdoor fitness routines and started practicing workouts on Miramar beach couple of days a week for his clients. Starting with one client who preferred specifically to do workouts on the beach, the demand for his beach workout sessions only kept on increasing day by day. He is the first and probably the only fitness trainer in Goa who provides personal and group training on a beach.

I don’t repeat my programs for a month so my clients never get bored of workouts. Everyday is a new challenge for them. Same is the case with beach sessions.
Sunil Karmalkar

Sunil’s Fitness Wave @ Miramar Beach

Exercising at the beach is one of life’s pleasures. The fresh air, the smell of the ocean and the feeling of the sun on your back. It offers extra resistance when working out on the sand, helps in burning more calories and is easier on your joints. There’s just nothing else like it.

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Sunil Fitness Wave - Beach Workout 3

Sunil Fitness Wave - Beach Workout 8

Sunil Fitness Wave - Beach Workout 2

Sunil Fitness Wave - Beach Workout 4

Sunil Fitness Wave - Beach Workout 5

Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Waves - Kids at Beach 1

Sunil Karmalkar Fitness Waves - Kids at Beach 3

Sunil Fitness Wave - Beach Workout 9

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Sunil’s beach fitness programs are a major hit amongst Goan fitness enthusiasts. He does group sessions for young and old wherein he conducts various drills using markers, cones, agility ladders, weights and other such tools, to make sessions more interesting and challenging.

Requirements of each and every client is different. I prefer to talk to my clients and understand the history and current situation before developing a fitness program for them. I always assess on a session-to-session basis. Everyday the energy is different, requirement is different, so accordingly, I adjust the workout.
Sunil Karmalkar

Sunil’s Areas of Expertise

Strength Training
Functional Training
Weight Loss Specialist
Strength and Conditioning
Pre/Post Natal
Body Toning

Suspension Band Workouts
Injury Management
Mobility Improvement
Advance Exercises
Fat Loss / Muscle Gain
Buddy and Small Groups

Sport Specific Training
Muscle Building
Flexibility & Core
Pre and Post Rehab
Corrective Exercises
Balance & Stability Workouts

Sunil boasts of a wide repertoire of clients he has trained. Sports athletes and players, celebrities, corporate honchos, industrialists, young and old, Indian and foreign clients have used his services to achieve their fitness goals. He aspires to set up his own gym in future where he provides lot of variation in training – indoor to outdoor, cross-fit to weight training with latest tools, equipment and techniques. He wants to be the guide for his clients to discover their potential, and steer them down the road to fitness success.

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