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Mamta Biyani - Physiotherapist

Breaking the glass ceiling, she practices and promotes affordable advanced physiotherapy in small towns

They say a healthier nation is the bedrock of a healthier economy. But, no two people are the same. Medical treatment, therefore, is very individualistic in nature. Today healthcare is at the cusp of tremendous change and the need of the hour is for radical thinking and disruptive solutions to address the dynamic economic and social environment. Meet Award Winning Physiotherapist Dr. Mamta Biyani – Mundada, Founder of Recovery Clinic in Jaysingpur town in Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. She has not only broken the glass ceiling and established herself as an expert in the field but has also introduced many advanced yet affordable treatments in her small town that are available only in big cities. She was recently honoured with Times of India Icons of Health Award 2019.

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Mamta Biyani - Times of India Icons of Health Award 2019
Dr. Mamta Biyani was honoured with Times of India – Icons of Health Award 2019
Mamta Biyani - Times of India Icons of Health Award 2019 - with family
Dr. Mamta Biyani was honoured with Times of India – Icons of Health Award 2019. Seen here with her family members after the ceremony.
Mamta Biyani - Felicitation
Dr. Mamta Biyani was felicitated by Mr. Rajendra Patil Yadravkar, State Minister, Maharashtra, on winning the Times of India – Icons of Health Award 2019

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The concept of care which is predominantly associated with physiotherapy has a very personal connotation compared to treatment. It was because of this belief of personal care that Dr. Mamta was attracted towards this profession. She hails from a small town of Jirapur near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Her family suffered a major setback when she lost her father after a prolonged illness when she was just 10 years old. Eldest among her siblings, she helped her family to tide over the most difficult phase of their lives.

During those 3-4 years when my father was hospitalized, I remember spending all the free time I had to be beside my father. While other kids of my age used to play around, I preferred to be at the hospital. I used to believe the doctors and nurses are like Gods and they can heal anyone. My father also wanted me to join this field. That’s when I decided to make a career in healthcare.
Dr. Mamta Biyani

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Mamta Biyani - Zimmer Physical Therapy Training Germany
Dr. Mamta Biyani represented Maharashtra in workshop organized by Zimmer Medizin Systeme in Germany
Mamta Biyani - Trainings on Advanced Techniques
Dr. Mamta Biyani believes in continuous learning and has participated in many workshops to keep updated about the latest trends in Physiotherapy and introduce the new techniques at her clinic.

Mamta Biyani - Pilates Expert
Dr. Mamta Biyani is also a Certified Pilates Instructor

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She completed her graduation in Physiotherapy (BPT) from IIMS Indore. However, she had to make her career aspirations take a backseat and move to Jaysingpur after getting married. The therapist in her, however, did not relent and she kept on administering therapies on near and dear ones at her home. She never went out of touch. Birth and upbringing of her daughter, family commitments and the underdeveloped healthcare ecosystem in her small town meant that she had to wait for the right opportunity to fulfil her dreams of starting her own clinic.

Small towns have their own set of problems, the biggest being the lack of awareness on how physiotherapy can help them. A close second is the resistance to change. Thirdly, the tendency to choose a smaller near-term benefit over larger long-term benefits is quite common while making unhealthy choices.
Dr. Mamta Biyani

The opportunity came knocking after few years. Partnering with her best friend and fellow physiotherapist Dr. Neelu Parihar and with the support of her family, she turned her dreams to reality and started her own Physiotherapy clinic – Recovery Clinic. For someone who was engrossed all these years in fulfilling her family commitments, stepping out and starting a physiotherapy venture of her own required perseverance and patience of the highest order. But Dr. Mamta was up for the challenge as she was driven by her belief that she was fulfilling her father’s dreams.

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Mamta Biyani - Physiotherapy Clients
Dr. Mamta Biyani and her team member attending to patients at her clinic.
Mamta Biyani Physiotherapy Treatment 2
Dr Mamta Biyani uses advance treatment techniques in Physiotherapy
Mamta Biyani uses advance treatment techniques in Physiotherapy
Dr Mamta Biyani uses advance treatment techniques in Physiotherapy
Mamta Biyani Physiotherapy Treatment 4
Dr Mamta Biyani uses advance therapies in Physiotherapy to treat her patients.
Mamta Biyani - Pilates Expert 2
Dr Mamta Biyani herself is a fitness enthusiast and pilates expert
Mamta Biyani - Physiotherapy support for Ichalkaranji Half Marathon
Dr. Mamta Biyani her team provided Physiotherapy support for participants of Ichalkaranji Half Marathon
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Treating the patient right with dignity, empathy and honesty are simple but essential measures that can go a long way in recovery. That’s why healthcare in my clinic is modelled around two simple yet very powerful words – Patient First.
Dr. Mamta Biyani

From humble beginnings, Dr. Mamta’s clinic has evolved into the most sought after clinic in Jaysingpur for Physiotherapy today. Her clinic provides advanced yet affordable therapies that develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability in her patients. Her therapies can help people of different ages, when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors. No wonder that patients come all the way from Karnataka and far flung Rajasthan to seek treatment at her clinic.

Recovery Clinic – Specialty Areas

Orthopedic Conditions, Knee Pain, Back / Neck / Shoulder Pain, Muscular Dystrophy, Post Surgical Conditions, Joints Pain / Arthritis, Pain Management, Spondylosis / Sciatica

Therapies / Treatments Available

Chiropractic Alignment, Craniosacral Osteopathy, Visceral Osteopathy, Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, Dry Cupping, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Kinesio Taping, Laser Therapy, Cardio Respiratory Therapy, Neurological Rehabilitation, Pediatric Physiotherapy and Electrotherapy. 

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Mamta Biyani -Team members
Dr Mamta Biyani along with her Team members
Mamta Biyani - Role of Physiotherapy Pre and Post Marathon - Ichalkaranji Half Marathon
Dr Mamta Biyani speaking on Role of Physiotherapy in Pre and Post Marathon at Ichalkaranji Half Marathon
Mamta Biyani - Multitalented Individual
Multi-talented Diva : Dr Mamta Biyani has appeared on Radio and has published Newspaper articles to create awareness on Physiotherapy. She has also participated in Pageants and won them.
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Mamta Biyani - Comment - Recovery Clinic

Dr. Mamta aspires to expand her horizons and make Recovery Clinic the best Physiotheraphy clinic known for its services not only in Kolhapur district but in the entire South Maharashtra. She has also started her own edu-arm with Catalyst Physio Academy where she imparts technical trainings for aspirants in this field.  She is also serving as the HOD Of Physiotherapy Department at Shatayu Multispecialty Hospital at Shirol. Apart from her professional avatar, this multi-talented diva has also won multiple pageants and was crowned Mrs. Ichalkaranji and Mrs. Sangli in the past. She also takes active part in community services through her own Asara Foundation.

Recovery Clinic - logo

(Click on the logo to access the clinic’s website)

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