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Young pharmacy educator shines with his focus on research

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. It is a health profession that links health sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. As a medical discipline closely related to human life, research and development in this field is of paramount importance. Many educators in India are contributing significantly towards advancement of this science, overcoming the challenges and constraints in-spite of limited availability of resources. Meet Nirav Soni, working as Asst Professor in A-One Pharmacy College, Anasan, Ahmedabad, who in just couple of years in his teaching career, has already bagged multiple awards for his research efforts and innovative teaching-learning methodologies.

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Nirav Soni TIME Cybermedia Award
Nirav Soni was honoured in Dec’16 as Best upcoming young researcher in Ahmedabad at the Time CyberMedia International Young Leadership Awards 2016 by famous cricketer Sandip Patil at Mumbai.

Nirav Soni Pearl National Award
Nirav Soni was honoured with PEARL National Award in Madurai in Jan’17 for Best Asst. Professor in Pharmacy.

Nirav Soni GTU Pedagogical innovation Award
Nirav Soni was honoured in Feb’17 with GTU Pedagogical Innovation Award for his interventions in teaching-learning methodology, research and review articles and co-curricular activities.


Nirav Soni Indus Foundation Award Momento
Nirav Soni honoured with the Award for Academic Excellence by The Indus Foundation in association with Skill India and TV9 network during the Indo-Global Education Summit and Expo 2017 held at Mumbai in Jul’17


Nirav Soni P D Sethi Award For Research 2016
Nirav Soni, along with his research guide Dr Mandav Patel, was jointly honoured in May’17 with Certificate of Merit award as part of Dr. P. D. Sethi annual awards instituted by KongPosh Publications, publishers of The Pharma Review and Indian Pharma Reference Guide, for their research paper published in the field of Pharmaceutical Analysis for the year 2016.


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I wanted to make a career in Pharmacy as it is a multi-disciplinary branch of science and I believe there are lot of opportunities in this field to make a positive impact on saving human life.
Nirav Soni

Nirav did his B.Pharm from A-One Pharmacy College, Anasan, Ahmedabad in 2013. It turned out to be his career defining moment, when, as part of an inter-college competition in his third year, he was able to successfully complete and present the task to prepare an oral form of Gliclazide SR (Sustained Release) 30 mg tablet and manufacturing process describing the formulation and process parameters within the stipulated time of 48 hours. Thereafter, he regularly participated in inter collegiate competitions to keep himself updated with the latest trends in the industry and also upgrade his soft skills. He secured first rank in academics in the final year of his college and was honoured with the best student award of his batch. He was focused on research so he decided to continue his studies and pursue PG in Pharmaceutical science.

Nirav Soni Best Student award
Nirav Soni being honoured with Best Student award of his B. Pharm. batch at A-One Pharmacy college, Ahmedabad

He studied hard, got qualified in NIPER-JEE, Mohali and also cleared the Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) in 2013 for seeking admission to M.Pharm. He preferred completing his M. Pharm by continuing in the same college and specializing in Quality Assurance. Morever, he was also awarded a scholarship based on his rank in the GPAT merit list. During his studies, he also kept on writing numerous articles in various medical journals on the topics of his interests. He also enrolled himself in external courses with private organizations to know industry trends and supplement his academic learning.

Post MPharm, he also did Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (PGDIPR) from Indira Gandhi Open University to get a firm understanding of IPR and its related concepts. After completing his Post graduation, Nirav joined his alma mater as Assistant Professor in Quality Assurance department in 2015 to pursue his aspirations of research in this field. He wants to do research for public health especially in the areas of cancer and other conventional diseases. He is also interested in Herbalism and Ayurveda research.

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Nirav Soni Certificate of Publishing Article in International Journal
Nirav Soni’s article was published in Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction in 2016
Nirav Soni Editor of Research Journal
Nirav Soni is on the Editorial board of some of the International Journals like this one from New Zealand


Nirav Soni Pharma Magazine Article
Nirav Soni regularly publishes his articles in various Pharma magazines and journals


Nirav Soni Poster Presentation London
Nirav Soni regularly submits his e-posters in national and international conferences like this one held in London.

Nirav Soni Poster Presentation
Nirav Soni regularly submits his e-posters in national and international conferences like this one held in Dubai.

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Nirav’s research – Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation of Metaxalone in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS

Metaxalone is a centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant approved by FDA as an adjuvant therapy for the relief of discomforts associated with acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions. Only a few methods have been reported for the quantification of metaxalone in biological matrices, but these methods are time consuming and the sensitivity is not adequate for pharmacokinetic studies. At the same time, an efficient method was needed to analyze large numbers of plasma samples obtained for pharmacokinetic, bioavailability, or bioequivalence studies after therapeutic doses of metaxalone.

Nirav, along with his guides Dr Mandev Patel from A-one Pharmacy College and Dr Dharmesh Parmar, HoD of Bio analytical Department, Synchron research services Pvt. Ltd., came up with a method for the quantification of metaxalone from human plasma by LC-MS-MS in positive ionization mode using Multiple Reaction Monitoring. His method is simple, rapid, sensitive, selective, and fully validated according to commonly accepted criteria. Their sample turnover rate of 2.0 min per sample make it an attractive procedure in high-throughput bioanalysis of metaxalone.

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Nirav Soni Pharma Book 3
Book Authored by Nirav Soni – Indian Publisher

Nirav Soni Pharma Book 2
Book Authored by Nirav Soni – German Publisher

Nirav Soni Pharma Book 1
Book Authored by Nirav Soni – German Publisher


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Achievements of Nirav Soni

♦ B.Pharm (2013), M.Pharm (2015), working as Asst Professor, A-One Pharmacy College, Ahmedabad since last 2 years
♦ Award for Academic Excellence at Indo-Global Education Summit and Expo 2017, Mumbai, Jul’17
♦ Certificate of Merit for research paper at the 12th Dr P D Sethi Annual Awards 2016, May’17
♦ GTU Pedagogical Innovation Award, Ahmedabad, Feb’17
♦ PEARL Foundation’s award for Best Asst. Professor in Pharmacy, Madurai, Jan’17
♦ Best Upcoming Young Researcher Award at Time Cyber Media International Young Leadership Awards 2016, Mumbai, Dec’16
♦ Author of 3 books
♦ Recognition for e-poster presentation in International conferences
♦ Reviewer of couple of foreign research journals
♦ Best Student of the batch during graduation

I want to create awareness on chronic diseases prevalent today and share ideas, proper medications and quality of life, usage of allopathic drugs, home remedies as well as herbal usage.
Nirav Soni

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