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Suno Kahaani Yamini Vijendran

Yamini Vijendran spreads the art of storytelling through her initiative Suno Kahaani

Everybody loves a good story, and everyone has a story to tell. Suno Kahaani was started by Yamini Vijendran with the vision of using the medium of storytelling to make an impact on lives of people. That is because stories don’t just entertain, they educate, they heal, they are therapeutic, they transform, they bring about change.

Suno Kahaani Yamini Vijendran Performance Session

Suno Kahaani Yamini Vijendran Performance Session

When something is communicated through the medium of stories, the communicator is able to transmit more than just the explicit message across. Through storytelling, the implicit emotions, the underlying feelings and a lot many unsaid lessons can be imparted.

For the listener, stories open up an entire world of imagination. Listening to stories helps one draw their own inferences in their mind, and not lap up the teller’s, as in the case of TV viewing. And when the imagination is fueled thus, the messages conveyed stay for a long time with the listener.

Started in June 2015
About 50 performances given so far
2 workshops conducted

I love to talk and describe things and I love writing stories.

I chose the field of storytelling as an offshoot of telling stories to my son. 

Suno Kahaani Yamini Vijendran Storytelling

Yamini is an expert in storytelling and also works as a faculty of storytelling in a school. Through Suno Kahaani, she conducts both story performances and story workshops. Performance sessions are where she tells a story to the audience. Majority of her audience have been children till now, typically in the age group of 6 to 10. Adults too enjoy the stories as much as the children, if not more sometimes. The stories she chooses to tell are either from the rich folklores from around the world, or ones from her own imagination.

Suno Kahaani Yamini Vijendran Performance Session

Suno Kahaani Yamini Vijendran Performance Session

The Storytelling Workshops are meant to impart the knowledge of storytelling to the participants. Storytelling is important for everyone, everywhere, because you tell stories for the most part of your lives. When you market a product, you tell a story, when you motivate your team member, you tell and sell the story they want to believe, the story of success. The corporate world has realized this and is embracing this ancient form of art in a big way.

The workshops typically revolve around the what, why and how of storytelling, with ample emphasis on vocal and expressive abilities. Such workshops help improve confidence of people who are not comfortable with public speaking or even making presentations.

The kids and parents both enjoyed the session. Thank You Yamini Vijendran, looking forward to many more of such Sessions – JustBooks, Wanowrie after hosting a storytelling performance session


Thank you Yamini for the wonderful experience and for all the learning…my best wishes for Suno Kahaani –

Nuzhat Anwar, participant of a storytelling workshop

Yamini is going to conduct another such Storytelling workshop at Justbooks, NIBM Road between 8-10 July. You may get more details about the workshop by clicking on the image below. You can reach Yamini through the facebook page of Suno Kahaani as well.

Suno Kahaani Yamini Vijendran Workshop

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