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Teaching – Not a Job, But a Passion

Information Technology sector has been a key job creator in the country. Having proven its capabilities to the world, emerging technologies now offer an entire new gamut of opportunities for IT industry in India. However, the shortage of appropriately skilled IT workforce on latest technologies is emerging as a significant gap and complex challenge to India’s growth and future. The good news is there are educators who have taken up this challenge and are relentless in their pursuit to bridge this gap. Meet one such educator, Aditya Tandon who works as Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology at Ch. Brahm Prakash Government Engineering College, Jaffarpur, New Delhi. He has been recently honoured with Best Professor in Information Technology Award by Business School Affaire & Dewang Mehta National Education Awards for Delhi region.

Aditya Tandon Business School Affaire and Dewang Mehta National Education Award
Aditya Tandon being honoured with Best Professor in Information Technology award by Business School Affaire & Dewang Mehta National Education Awards for Delhi region

Aditya’s passion towards a career in teaching germinated from his parents who are both working as professors in Delhi University. He completed his graduation in Computer Science Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, in 2010. He completed his Post Graduation (PG) in the same discipline from Amity University, Noida, in 2013. After his PG, he came across his first teaching opportunity in the form of a contractual position at Ch. Brahm Prakash Government Engineering College, Jaffarpur, New Delhi. He decided to give it a try, went for the walkin and even got selected for the post. He works as an Assistant professor in the Department of IT today and it has been exciting five years in the institution for him.

Aditya Tandon delivering Lecture on Pedagogy
Aditya Tandon delivering a lecture on Pedagogy Innovation in a Faculty Development Program.

Aditya believes that just like how education is not static, a learning environment too should be dynamically adjusted to the current trends. That’s why, he chooses to use the latest tools and technologies at his disposal to develop innovative pedagogies for his students. He believes that problem solving is more likely to occur if there is less pressure and more room to think things through. Leveraging the power of social media to engage with his students, he also records his lectures and shares it with his students on his Youtube channel and Facebook so that they can access it whenever and wherever possible. With the support of his Institution Management, he has led the way in coming up with online assignments and quizzes for his students to test the efficacy of their acquired knowledge and to replace the paper based traditional methodologies using technology.

Aditya Tandon Youtube Channel
Youtube channel of Aditya Tandon

Key Focus Areas of Research

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
WSNs are an emerging technology due to its huge number of applications such as military investigations and civilian scenarios. Once deployed, these networks are unprotected and unattended thereby making them prone to several security attacks. WSNs is vulnerable to attacks because of its dynamic nature, resource constrained nodes and large network scales. Aditya’s research provides a survey of various attacks along with their countermeasures in sensor networks.

Malicious content and corrupt programs have been attacking and infecting various devices around the world and the efforts for their prevention and eradication have also gained pace simultaneously. Ransomware appears to be one of the most unpleasant malware categories of our time. Aditya’s research focuses on everything about this latest crypto-virus trend, the modus operandi and the architecture of these attacks and how to prevent them.

Aditya Tandon presenting his research in a conference in Pune
Aditya Tandon presenting his research in a conference in Pune

No other profession pushes the boundaries of innovation at a faster pace than IT. By the time you finish reading this article, a new technology would have been developed. Aditya believes the aim of the students should be to move as quickly as possible with these changes. He goes beyond his responsibilities in guiding the students to gain knowledge on tools and technologies that are outside of their syllabus to remain competitive in the fast paced technology world. His efforts bore fruit when his second year students got selected for the grand finale of Smart India Hackathon 2018. He is also the coordinator for the tech fest of their institution from last four years.

Aditya Tandon Mentor Certificate Smart India Hackathon 2018
Aditya Tandon received with the Mentor Certificate at Smart India Hackathon 2018 Grand Finale.

Aditya aspires to continue his unconventional approaches in teaching for the benefit of the students and create an atmosphere of facilitation to allow learners to work at their pace and comfort level and excel. He would also like to embark upon his PhD journey this year. He would also like to associate himself with educating primary school students as he believes a strong foundation will result in a better tomorrow.

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