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Cummings Girls Basketball Team wins MIT Summit 2016

Meet the Champs of Cummins – Winners of MIT Summit for three years in a row

The Girls Basketball team of MKSS’s Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune recently won the coveted MIT Summit 2016 Championship, a National Level Inter-Engineering Sports Meet, organised by MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. What makes this win special is that these girls have retained their title as Champions for three years in a row now at the MIT Summit.

Cummins Girls Basketball Team wins coveted MIT Summit 16
Cummins Girls Basketball Team wins coveted MIT Summit 16

Captain Shravani Kulthe was the Top Scorer of the Tournament
Captain Shravani Kulthe was the Top Scorer of the Tournament

Preparations for the Championship began a month in advance at Cummins. The team was formed over a period of a month of practice sessions depending on performance, regularity and commitment. The players used to meet everyday after college and practise for two hours. They focused on different exercises to improve and work on their fitness levels and skills. Under the able guidance of their coach Mr. Pratik Tribhuvan, their daily drill consisted of stretching, jogging and sprinting, jumping exercises and basketball skill sets including dribbling, dodging, passing and shooting.

Cummins Girls Basketball Team
Cummins Girls Basketball Team (L to R) – Kanika Narang (Forward), Shevi Jain (Pivot), Gauri Chaware (Point Guard), Anushka Mookherjee (Forward), Shravani Kulthe (Captain, Pivot), Kasturi Pawar (Forward)

The girls played a total of three matches. Since they were last year’s winners, they got a bye in the first match. The next one was against AIT and the one after that, against MITCOE. The team won both matches by a margin of 15 or more points.  The final was against MIT on September 3.

It was a hard-fought contest. The Cummins girls were playing amidst lot of cheering from the MIT home team crowd. The biggest challenge the team faced was that they had no substitute players. They were under pressure. However, they stuck to the basics, played a calm game, and used their strengths to their advantage. When the final whistle blew and the final score put them about 17 points ahead, the team bursted with excitement. They celebrated with their friends from Cummins who had come all the way to MIT to cheer their team.

Cummins Girls Basketball Team Final Match
MIT Summit 16 – Cummins Girls Basketball Team (Red with black numbers on tees) Final Match with MIT


Our only focus during the competition was to keep ourselves confident and strong throughout and never to give up. 

Shravani Kulthe, Captain, Cummins Girls Basketball Team

According to the team, the credit for their success goes to their coach Mr. Pratik Tribhuvan, their sports director Anjushree Augustine, the staff of Cummins and to their so called cheering squad 🙂 

This same team has won every single inter-engineering sports competition last year and many more even before that including the COEP tournament. They have also been the winners of the university matches for the second consecutive year. Shravani and her team are now gearing up for upcoming competitions at the University level to bring more laurels for their institution.

About MIT Summit 2016

MIT Summit is an annual National Level Inter-Engineering Sports Meet organised by MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. In its 11th year, the Meet saw participation from 70 engineering colleges from different parts of India with over 3000 students competing across 15 sports disciplines.


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