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Dipti's Creation

Dipti’s Creation – unique art venture by a lawyer turned full-time artist

She is a professionally qualified Lawyer and a Management graduate, but her passion took over and turned her into a full-time professional Artist. Her unique creations have followers from multiple countries and her products have reached in U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal and of course whole of India. Meet Dipti Jeevan, founder and owner of Dipti’s Creation.

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Dipti's creation - the signature style - decorative bottle lamps
Dipti’s creation – the signature style – decorative bottle lamps
Dipti's Creation - Each bottle lamp has a unique design. No design is repeated
Dipti’s Creation – Each bottle lamp has a unique design. No design is repeated

Dipti's creation - Bottle lamp in the making
Dipti’s creation – Bottle lamp in the making
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Dipti’s Creation started in Pune just out of hobby and has covered a long distance of becoming a brand in itself for Uniqueness, Creativity and Colors. After she completed her graduation in Law and practiced as a lawyer for couple of years, Dipti realised her soul was still attached to her passion, i.e, of being an Artist than a topnotch lawyer. So she left her career in Legal in 2014 to pursue a long lost dream and started Dipti’s Creation.

Other unique concepts by Dipti’s Creation

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Dipti's Creation - Decorative glowing bulbs
Dipti’s Creation – Decorative glowing bulbs
Dipti's Creation - Pebble Art and Designer Cushions
Dipti’s Creation – Artistic Pebbles that can be used as paper weight and Designer Cushions
Dipti's Creation - Murals and Decorative Flowers made with velvet
Dipti’s Creation – Decorative flowers made with Velvet and Murals
Dipti's Creation - Doodle Art
Dipti’s Creation – Doodle Art

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Dipti started retailing her products in 2015, showcasing them all across Maharashtra through various Lifestyle Exhibitions in Pune, Mumbai, Jalgaon, Nagpur and Amravati. Dipti’s Creation deals with handcrafted items such as Bottle lamps, Designer Cushions, Fabric Painting, Designer Vases, Doodle Art, Canvas Paintings, Keyholders, Customised T-shirts, Designer Candles, Oil paintings, Customised Nameplates, Murals, Quilled Items, Customised Mugs and made-to-order artwork.

Team Dipti's Creation - Damodar Jiwan and Sejal Tejwani
Team Dipti’s Creation – Damodar Jiwan at WESTIN, Pune and Sejal Tejwani at Kalpniti Exhibitions, Jalgaon – They both manage showcasing of Dipti’s products at various exhibitions

Dipti believes that there should be uniqueness in products you buy and own. Seeing something you already have at home will not just deter your attachment towards your own possessed item but also discourage you from having something similar which even your friend or relative has. This is the reason why products made by Dipti are known for their uniqueness and that’s her USP.

Dipti's Creation - Bottle Making procedure
Dipti often uses facebook to educate others on her art. Here is the step by step process right from colouring a transparent bottle with oil paint to the final product.

500+ units of bottle lamps sold till date

Products reached multiple countries outside India

Growing engagement as a supplier for handicraft shops

Over 5500+ followers on facebook

Hobby became passion and passion became profession for Dipti. The appreciation, love, and support of her worldwide followers keeps her going. The orders keep pouring after each exhibition and that’s the reason Dipti’s Creation is planning to launch their store soon as well as a website so that they can reach out to as many people as they can. In her words, when you love what you do, you slowly, gradually reach to your goals”. We couldn’t agree more. Way to go girl!

Dipti’s Creation will be showcasing its products at the upcoming Kalagram and Za Palooza exhibitions in Pune in the month of October.

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