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Kathak exponent who heals through her dance

Most of us know the feeling of being moved by a work of art, whether it is a song, a dance routine, a play, a poem, a novel, a painting or by any other art form. Art helps people not only to know and understand something with their minds but also to feel it emotionally and physically. Music and dance, are regarded as the most alluring forms of art that have tremendous potential in them. Empirical studies have shown that these art forms can eliminate negativity, improve one’s mental health and even cure physical health ailments. Meet Mumbai based Komal Shah, a kathak exponent, a healing artist and founder of Kundalini – The Dance Temple, who has been not only popularizing the classical dance form and widening its repertoire but is also developing innovative healing techniques for different diseases and ailments through her dance therapy.


The Kathak Exponent

Komal at a very young age was inspired and motivated by dance and music. Her fondness for dance was constantly nurtured by her mother. She grew up learning and participating in Bharatnatyam and Classical and Indian folk Ballets. When she performs, the movements, grace, rhythm, foot work, gestures and music all go in tandem displaying her long years of study and discipline. With enchanting stage presence, she creates images of fluid and eternal poetry thereby pushing the boundaries of Kathak in her very own inimitable style and holds the audience spellbound.

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 Komal Shah Kathak Performance 2
 Komal Shah Kathak Performance 1

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Over the years, she was mentored and guided by various classical dance Gurus. She has been earlier mentored by Guru Pt. Sandeep Mahavir and is currently learning and evolving  with Shree Anita Bhargav; who has given various stage performances, trained several students, along with being an examiner of advanced level of kathak, both in India and overseas. She has also received extensive training from eminent Kathak exponent Pandit Birju Maharaj under the “guru-shishya” parampara. By the blessings of her gurus and their ever insightful guidance, Komal blossomed into the talented artist she is today.

I have given several dance performances, but each time I get an opportunity to perform again, I feel the same excitement as it is the first time.
Komal Shah

The Healing Artist

Komal has taken dance to a higher plane, by evolving her own unique method to help people heal themselves through dance and music. With extensive support from her husband Monty Shah, she launched Kundalini Holistic Healing Studio in March 2015. She uses Movement, Mudras, Sound and Affirmations to cleanse, balance and activate each chakra in her fun yet intense Dance Therapy workshops. Her treatments are customised for each individual based on their body condition.

I decided to explore the world of Healing when I read that human body and mind has the power to recreate our destiny and every solution to our problems resides within us. And.. since Dance has immense power to integrate the mind, body and soul, I focused on healing through Dance.
Komal Shah

Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Launch
Launch of Komal Shah’s Kundalini Holistic Healing in 2015 (Left to Right) – Mr Mehta, Ms. Jayawantiben Mehta, Udit Narayan, Pt. Sandeep Mahavir, Shaina NC, Komal Shah and her husband Monty Shah

It’s a pre conceived notion that only medicines can cure mental and physical diseases which in many cases has severe side effects. However, I offer a holistic treatment that not only heals the diseases but also brings inner peace.
Komal Shah

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Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Workshop in America
Komal Shah – Dance Therapy workshop at New Jersey, America
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Workshop in America 2
Komal Shah – Dance Therapy workshop at New Jersey, America
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - All Ladies League - Women Economic Forum Workshop
Komal Shah conducting her workshop at the Women Economic Forum
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Polaris Workshop
Komal Shah conducting her corporate workshop for employees of Polaris Software
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Workshop 1
Komal Shah conducting a workshop
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Workshop 2
Komal Shah conducting a workshop
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Workshop in her studio 2
Komal Shah conducting a workshop
Komal Shah - Testimonial 3


I attended her workshop and I totally had an amazing experience. It was so inspiring. I had an amazing time… like the way she works with the music, with the dancing, it was out of this world. I wish she opened an institute here (new jersey) because it will help so many people. I can’t wait to see the whole performance over again. I totally recommend it for everyone, it’s just one of the best experience I ever had.
Carolina Mendigana

Komal Shah - Testimonial 2

Watching her dance is an experience on to itself. There is an aura of brightness that is so totally blinding and yet at the same time, gives me a total feeling of relaxation in my soul. Its something you don’t want to miss out on. You need to see her, you need to be enlightened, you need to feel like you are taken to another level. The energy of being another human being, finding happiness and relaxing and enjoying yourself. Its an experience that you will never ever forget.
Fred Hecht

Komal Shah - Testimonial 4


She has given me such a great experience.. Very powerful healer. She is a modern day guru. I would love to recommend her to everybody.
Rzouk Kattoura

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Chakras, Kundalini and Holistic Healing

There are 7 Chakras or energy centers in our body, starting at the base of our spine and moving all the way up to the top of our head. Chakras control particular parts of the body, energizing particular organs and bring harmony within the body.

Kundalini refers to a form of primal energy said to be located at the base of the spine. Kundalini awakening has been said to occur as a consequence of deep meditation which sometimes results in a feeling of enlightenment and bliss.

Holistic Healing approaches focus on the whole person rather than just on the illness or part of the body that is not healthy. It focuses on how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of a person are interconnected and achieves optimal health for all. In simple words, it does not concentrate on a particular disease but helps one attain the best overall health possible.

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Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - All Ladies League - Women Economic Forum Award
Komal Shah being honoured with the award of “Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All” at Women Economic Forum by All Ladies League, Jan 2017
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Stree Astitva Award - Woman of Substance
Komal Shah honoured with Stree Astitva Woman of Substance Award
Komal Shah - Kundalini Healing - Felicitation at Rotary Club
Komal Shah felicitated by Rotary club of Bombay Hills South
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By seeking to eradicate suffering and stress from this world, Komal found her true calling in life. She continuously strives to seek out knowledge in various forms of healing which is holistic, which keeps us away from drugs and medications as far as possible. She has been studying the ancient forms of healing the human body, mind and soul for over a decade now. She has learnt some marvellous methods of healing through meditation techniques from the renowned Theta Healing Institute of knowledge, Idaho U.S.A. She is also a professional therapist trained in Past Life Regression, Clinical Hypnosis and Kundalini Awakening. Apart from this, she has acquired further knowledge in esoterica, spirituality and various forms of healing arts.

My Future vision is to impart and share all the knowledge of healing people through sound and dance therapy and other mystical arts  through opening up an healing institute of Mystical Arts.
Komal Shah


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