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Tejashree Creations Exhibition Student Artist

Pursuing passion, discovering the artist within

Tejashree Creations, the art venture of Pune based artist Tejashree Khanvilkar, is coming up with its fifth exhibition to celebrate the creative achievements of her talented students. An engineering teacher turned full-time artist, Tejashree believes that when students exhibit their own art, they learn concepts and skills that are important for a comprehensive understanding of art and aesthetics. All her students showcasing their work in this exhibition come from non-artistic background and are homemakers, college going students, entrepreneurs or professionals working in education, healthcare and IT sectors. What started as a hobby has turned into their passion now. Meet Nikita Fadia, Pradnya Jadhav, Roopali Sonawane, Kshitija Gandhi and Shreya Chordia, the talented artists and students of Tejashree Creations who will be showcasing their fabulous artwork.

Tejashree Creations Students bw
(Top Row – L to R) : Nikita Fadia, Pradnya Jadhav, Roopali Sonawane (Bottom Row – L to R) : Kshitija Gandhi, Shreya Chordia, Tejashree Khanvilkar

Nikita Fadia – IT Professional

Nikita was drawn to art since her childhood. However, off late, she was unable to devote time to pursue her passion because of her busy work schedule. She felt something was amiss in her life. She decided to fill this void and started looking for a mentor and guide who can help her pursue art seriously. She came in contact with Tejashree through facebook. She was inspired by Tejashree’s work and the work of her students so she started having sessions with her. “I am glad and thankful to join her due to which I noticed a drastic change in my work-life routine. It has helped me to pursue my long lost passion, widen my horizons and has improved me as a person”, says Nikita.

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Nikita Fadia Artwork 4
Nikita Fadia Creations – Her style of painting is vintage, landscape painting and abstract forms.

Nikita Fadia Artwork 2
Nikita Fadia Creation – She has showcased her work even in previous editions of Tejashree’s exhibitions.


Nikita Fadia Artwork 3
Nikita Fadia Creation

Nikita Fadia Artwork 1
Nikita Fadia Creation


Nikita Fadia Artwork 5
Nikita Fadia Artwork in progress


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Pradnya Jadhav – Finance Executive

Pradnya feels she could realize and pursue her long time hidden passion for art, which was left unexplored, only after joining Tejashree Creations. It has helped her in overcoming her fears and experimenting with her paintings. She feels learning various forms and styles of paintings releases the stress borne out of her corporate lifestyle. Be it devotional, abstract, still life or nature paintings, Tejashree’s guidance is only helping her become better at it. “My confidence got a big boost after I participated in a group show organized by Tejashree creations where my artworks were appreciated by all. It was an achievement for me as an artist”, says Pradnya.

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Pradnya Jadhav Artwork 3
Pradnya Jadhav Creation – She has also started taking commercial orders for paintings

Pradnya Jadhav Artwork 1
Pradnya Jadhav Creation – She also assists Tejashree in her workshops which in turn helps Pradnya upgrade her knowledge and teaching skills.

Pradnya Jadhav Artwork 2
Pradnya Jadhav Creation

Pradnya Jadhav Artwork 4
Pradnya Jadhav Creations

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Roopali Sonawane – Professional in advertising and public relations

Roopali has been an art lover since childhood but she started taking professional training from the age of 18 and continued it on and off since then. “Learning to paint from Tejashree Ma’m is a blessing! She is an amazing artist who has taught me different mediums and techniques which has improved my artwork drastically”, says Roopali. She is excited to be a part of the upcoming exhibition and aspires to learn more and upgrade her skills in future.

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Roopali Sonawane Artwork 1
Roopali Sonawane Creations


Roopali Sonawane Artwork 2
Roopali Sonawane Creation


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Kshitija Gandhi – Homemaker

Kshitija has been doing paintings and Rangoli art since her childhood. Some of her rangoli artwork was also appreciated and recognized by Sakal newspaper. She got associated with Tejashree creations three years back. She feels her creativity in painting has improved a lot and her artwork is being appreciated by many. She has also exhibited her artwork at many places and has gotten exposure to commercial platforms. “Tejashree’s down to earth nature and her passion for art reflects in her behaviour and her constant hard work inspires me to work more and improve my skills”, says Kshitija.

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Kshitija Gandhi Artwork 1
Kshitija Gandhi Creation


Kshitija Gandhi Artwork 2
Kshitija Gandhi Artwork


Kshitija Gandhi Artwork 3
Kshitija Gandhi Creations


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Shreya Chordia – Student, appearing in 12th

Shreya likes adventure activities and sports but her most favourite hobby is painting. She has been drawing since her childhood days but she learnt to paint for the first time in std 9th from Tejashree. “I was very nervous as I had never handled the brush before, but Tejashree Ma’m helped me to boost my confidence, guide me on every step and I kept making master pieces then onwards”, says Shreya. Her artworks have been appreciated in her school and college. She aspires to be a design professional in future and would like to learn more art forms and upgrade her knowledge by continuing with Tejashree creations.

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Shreya Chordia Artwork 1
Shreya Chordia Creation


Shreya Chordia Artwork 2
Shreya Chordia Creations


Shreya Chordia Artwork 3
Shreya Chordia showcasing her creations with Tejashree Khanvilkar

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Tejashree Khanvilkar is coming up with her 5th exhibition named Young Xpressions at Balgandharva Art gallery, J M Road, Pune from September 22 to 24, where she will showcase her artwork and the work of her students.

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