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Wall n' Creations

Wall n’ Creations – Venture by this artist duo makes boring walls look awesome!

As one of their clients said, Life is not only too short for boring clothes, but also for boring walls! Walls can be much, much more than a backdrop or a space used for putting up shelves or hanging pictures. Anakims Varghese and Kapil Sharma strive to make your boring and empty walls beautiful and a reason of praise and envy amongst all. Engineers by profession and Artists by passion, the duo founded the wall art startup Wall n’ Creations five months back and have already beautified over 1000 square feet of space with their amazing creativity and artwork.

Wall n' Creations - Anakims and Kapil
Wall n’ Creations – Anakims Varghese and Kapil Sharma

Anakims Varghese, known better as Ana, a happy go lucky girl, is an artist with an eye for color and detailing, and your go-to-artist for any situation! May it be the bridesmaid’s last minute hairstyling or your engagement decor! An Electronics Engineer working with an MNC in Pune full time, she takes out time from her schedule to pursue her passion of painting which ranges from canvas cloth to full ranged walls.

Kapil Sharma is a multitalented artist with an eye for anything creative. May it be writing, acting or the art of shayari! With already a start up in his pocket (Hungerzeal.com an online food ordering portal operational in Jammu), he is no stranger to the startup business and its ups and downs. He works with an MNC in Pune full time.

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Wall n' Creations Artwork
Wall n’ Creations Artwork
Wall n Creations Artwork
Wall n’ Creations Artwork
Wall n Creations Artwork
Wall n’ Creations Artwork
Wall n Creations Graffiti Artwork
Wall n’ Creations Graffiti Artwork
Wall n Creations Artwork
Wall n’ Creations Artwork
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Having worked as colleagues in a corporate setup earlier, their passion for innovation is what brought the duo together for this venture. They wanted to start something out of scratch which would be different from the conventional startups that have sprung up in every quarters like online shopping, fashion, electronics goods etc. After lot of thoughts, pondering and endless friendly fights, Wall n’ Creations was born!! Officially founded on 11th June 2016, Wall n’ Creation was in picture since a year with freelance wall arts that were experimented and tested on one of the founder’s own home and then of many close friends.

Client Diaries

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Wall n Creations - Client Diaries
Jesslin Philip for Wall n’ Creations – I was awestruck when I first entered my husband’s home after the wedding. The walls were beautifully painted by my dear artistic and suppa talented friend Anakims. Each stroke talks about granular level precision and neatness which only defines her profound passion and love towards art. I wish her all the very best for her future endeavour.


Wall n Creations Client Diaries
Pooja Mrig for Wall n’ Creations – After getting this wonderful wall art done on my office wall I was convinced that walls can be much, much more than a backdrop or used for putting up shelves or hanging pictures.. 🙂 A big THANK YOU to Wall n’ Creations and Anakims “The Culprit”!! 😎And you know what the best part is? You select your own colors and pattern!!
Wall n Creations - Client Diaries
Sneha Varghese for Wall n’ Creations – We got great help from Wall n Creations for our engagement! amazing props and decor! Would love to recommend them 2 all!


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Wall n’ Creations symbolises a pure passion for painting and perfection that shows every brush stroke is an art from the artist’s heart. May it be a dusty forgotten corner in the home or the grand living room, The Mowgli in your kid’s room or the Menu Card in Your kitchen they “Paint ‘em all”!! With 10 walls, a 20 feet graffiti, an engagement decor in their pocket and 7 walls in the queue with one being a kids area in a reputed school, it has been quite a busy time since the launch of Wall n’ Creation for the founders!!

Wall n' Creations - The Duo at work
Wall n’ Creations – The Duo at work

With colors, style and size of the wall art that can be picked by the client, Wall n’ Creations is an all and all client friendly startup. With a never-say-never attitude and a passion to paint, the duo always welcome new projects with a smile on their face and ideas in their mind. They aim to take their startup to new heights with more wall art and creative ideas and with new ventures into home and wedding decors.

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