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Award winning artist Swarna revives the golden tradition of Tanjore Art

Swarna Raja Kochi Tanjore Art Studio Bengaluru

Thanjavur (anglicised as Tanjore) painting is a peculiar, ancient, miniature type of painting that flourished in the Maratha court of Thanjavur around 1600 AD. The paintings have a high degree of difficulty not only in terms of the intricate detailing involved but also the patience and focus required. In an age where digital art and design are more prevalent, only a few of the artists practice this style of painting today. This art is fading away with time which is a concern. However, there is a silver lining. Meet Ms. Swarna Raja Kochi, award winning Tanjore artist, exponent and art teacher from Bengaluru, who has taken up the challenge to revive and bring new flavours in this traditional art not only to evolve the painting, but also to keep it relevant in today’s world.

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Pursuing passion, discovering the artist within

Tejashree Creations Exhibition Student Artist

Tejashree Creations, the art venture of Pune based artist Tejashree Khanvilkar, is coming up with its fifth exhibition to celebrate the creative achievements of her talented students. An engineering teacher turned full-time artist, Tejashree believes that when students exhibit their own art, they learn concepts and skills that are important for a comprehensive understanding of art and aesthetics. All her students showcasing their work in this exhibition come from non-artistic background and are homemakers, college going students, entrepreneurs or professionals working in education, healthcare and IT sectors. Meet Nikita Fadia, Pradnya Jadhav, Roopali Sonawane, Kshitija Gandhi and Shreya Chordia, the talented artists and students of Tejashree Creations who will be showcasing their fabulous artwork.

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She quit teaching engineering to become artist, is more alive doing painting than anything else

Tejashree Khanvilkar - Tejashree Creations - Cover 3

She can see her finished painting before she starts the first stroke. Being self-taught gives her no boundaries on what is right or wrong. Infact, she thinks there isn't any right or wrong in art. Using her personal experiences and surroundings as inspirations and with her strong creative instincts, she paints for the challenge and sheer joy of being able to express herself in a visual form. A young Engineering Professor who left her career to follow her passion, she challenged the stereotypical mind-set of her peers by organizing her own exhibitions to establish herself in the industry. Meet Pune based Tejashree Khanvilkar, founder of Tejashree Creations, a well known artist and a respected art teacher, who takes her students on a tour of self realization to find the artist in themselves.

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Wall n’ Creations – Venture by this artist duo makes boring walls look awesome!

Wall n' Creations

Life is not only too short for boring clothes, but also for boring walls! Walls can be much, much more than a backdrop or a space used for putting up shelves or hanging pictures. Anakims Varghese and Kapil Sharma strive to make boring and empty walls beautiful and a reason of praise and envy amongst all. Engineers by profession and Artists by passion, the duo founded the wall art startup Wall n' Creations five months back and have already beautified over 1000 square feet of space with their amazing creativity and artwork.

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Debasree Dey’s unique concept of GroupArtCircle – Eat, Drink, Chat, Paint and Surprise Yourself!

GroupArtCircle Cover

GroupArtCircle is an art startup, founded by ex-IT professional Debasree Dey, that conducts painting parties in Pune since March'2016. Being a hobby artist, Deb started GroupArtCircle with the idea to provide a platform to working individuals, to get some time off for themselves and indulge in something fun and productive, and also relax at the same time. Deb has received an overwhelming response for her unique concept and in just 4 months, 363 canvases have been painted in 27 events conducted by her.

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Young at 55 – Pune’s oldest Art Institute, Chitrakalpa, continues to grow bigger and stronger

cover chitrakalpa

Chitrakalpa Art Institute was established in 1961 by Shri Gangadhar Krishnarao Apte. It started functioning as household art classes. Then his son, Shri Anand G. Apte, introduced various creative courses, helping the institute grow in all direction of art forms. Since 1990, the third generation of Chitrakalpa Art Institute, Mr. Milind A. Apte is playing a significant role in developing and expanding the institute. Today, Chitrakalpa has 7 other branches making art accessible for students all over Pune city with its main branch at Sadashiv Peth.

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