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Destiny Redefined – Homemaker Turned Award Winning Celebrity Makeover Artist

There is no denying the fact that there is a direct connection between how you feel and how you look. In today’s world, as the trends are changing continuously, everyone wants to stay ahead, everyone needs that radiating confidence and everyone yearns for those good looks. It is imperative that you take the time to broaden your beauty horizon. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and it then gives you an edge to help others fall in love with their own self. Meet Ludhiana based Bahar Gupta, who has redefined herself from being a homemaker few years back to an ace celebrity makeover and makeup artist today and has inspired many to venture in this industry. She was recently honoured as one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs of Ludhiana by Strands and has been also awarded Best Celebrity Makeup Artist and Freelancer by Wedding Mantra.

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Bahar Gupta Strands Entrepreneur Award
Bahar Gupta was honoured with Strands Entereprenur Award in Feb ’18 at Chandigarh by famous actor Vindu Dara Singh. She was also chosen for the Strands Calendar 2018 honouring women entrepreneurs.

Bahar Gupta Wedding Mantra Award
Bahar Gupta was honoured with the Best Celebrity Makeup Artist and Freelancer award by Wedding Mantra in Jan ’18. Seen here receiving the award from famous actress Chitrangada Singh.
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A career in makeover was not something Bahar had planned, it just happened. She got married when she was only 19. Few years after her marriage, she went for a course in personal grooming and started using the acquired knowledge on herself. When she started receiving good feedback, she went for a professional course in 2014. She continued to fine tune her skills as an Artist and perfected her techniques by working with her near and dear ones in her own dressing room. She gained a reputation for creating gorgeous, light and luminous looks which quickly separated her from the average heavy handed makeup artist. Buoyed by the positive response, she started her studio in her house in 2015 and she hasn’t looked back.

I did get resistance initially from my family to enter in this profession but eventually my work started speaking for itself and now I have their full support.
Bahar Gupta

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Bahar Gupta - Model 1
In My World – Bahar Gupta adorning one of her clients in her studio
Bahar Gupta - Magazine Shoot 1
This client chose Bahar Gupta to do her makeover for her magazine shoot
Bahar Gupta - Model 3
Bahar Gupta also dolls up her clients for modelling, portfolio or fashion shoots
Bahar Gupta - Model 2
Bahar Gupta also dolls up her clients for modelling, portfolio or fashion shoots
Bahar Gupta - Fashion Show
Bahar Gupta adorned these beautiful ladies for a fashion show
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Today, Bahar is one of the most talented and sought after makeover artist in Ludhiana. Be it makeup and hairstyling for weddings or makeovers for parties, modelling assignments, fashion shows, rokha, jaagran or various other events, she has mastered the art of enhancing a woman’s natural beauty. From commoners to celebrities, young to old, she is best known for collaborating with her clients, meticulously interpreting their vision and bringing that vision to life.

I make sure I select and do the makeup which looks the best with the face structure and goes well with the outfit. 
Bahar Gupta

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Bahar Gupta - Makeup 3
Bahar Gupta Makeover – a blend of contemporary and traditional styles
Bahar Gupta - Makeup 4
It is said that not only do the eyes see, they demand to be seen – Bahar Gupta
Bahar Gupta - Makeup 1
This client chose Bahar Gupta for her maternity photo shoot
Bahar Gupta - Makeup 5
Bahar Gupta lets her creativity flow through her art – different looks for Anand Karaj
Bahar Gupta - Makeup 2
Bahar Gupta – Adorning the natural beauty in traditional style
Bahar Gupta - Makeup 7
Be it Traditional or contemporary styles, Bahar Gupta has mastered the art.
Bahar Gupta - Makeup 6
Let your eyes do the talking – Makeup by Bahar Gupta
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Looking good is all about feeling confident. The modern women are strong and independent. I have been fostering this spirit of womanhood and spreading the message of women empowerment.
Bahar Gupta

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Bahar Gupta - Makeover 6
Bahar Gupta’s traditional makeover to amplify the grace of a bride
Bahar Gupta - Makeover 3
Bahar Gupta makeover in a Maharashtrian style
Bahar Gupta - Makeover 2
Bahar Gupta makeover of a client for her son’s wedding reception party
Bahar Gupta - Makeover 8
Bahar Gupta Makeover – A subtle and light makeup with glittery eyes gives a stylish elegance to the look
Bahar Gupta - Makeover 7
Bahar Gupta bride adorning her regal outfit and jewellery with elegant makeup by the artist.
Bahar Gupta - Makeover 1
Transforming faces is what I do and love doing best – Bahar Gupta
Bahar Gupta - Makeover 4
The hairdo is equally important along with makeup to accentuate your beautiful self – Bahar Gupta
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Work of a makeover artist requires knowledge of several overlapping disciplines from science and art like facial structure, colour theory, chemical effects of the products used and impact of lighting. Always eager to share her knowledge with others, Bahar regularly conducts personal grooming courses as well as professional courses in Ludhiana. Over the years, through sheer hard work, Bahar has mastered the ability to bring out the natural beauty of her clients without overdoing it. While a majority of her focus is on Ludhiana, she has also offered her makeover services for a select few clients in Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Pathankot.

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Bahar Gupta - Celebrity Makeup 1
Celebrity Makeover – Bahar Gupta with famous Punjabi artist and bollywood singer Jasmine Sandlas
Bahar Gupta - Celebrity Makeover 4
Celebrity Makeover – Bahar Gupta’s repertoire of clients includes playback singer Asees Kaur
Bahar Gupta - Celebrity Makeup 2
Bahar Gupta Celebrity Makeover – Bollywood singer Yashita Sharma
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The makeover industry has developed a lot in the last few years in Ludhiana. It feels good to see more and more women pursuing their career in this profession.
Bahar Gupta

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Bahar Gupta - Workshop 1
Bahar Gupta regularly conducts personal grooming and professional salon training courses. She has trained over 200 students till date
Bahar Gupta - Workshop 2
Bahar Gupta regularly conducts personal grooming and professional salon training courses
Bahar Gupta - Workshop 3
Bahar Gupta’s students showcasing their skills (L) and with their certificates after completing the course (R)
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Dream gives rise to hope, hope inspires effort, efforts result in success. Bahar aspires to have her own exclusive studio setup in the near future. She continues to guide aspirants in setting up their own salons. She wants to grow her brand into a multi branch setup through the franchise model all over Punjab. Transforming faces is what she does and loves doing it the most. It is her life’s goal to make women look and feel their best, inside and out.

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