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Devi Singh Bhati

Left home as teen, struggled to make ends meet and now an Award Winning Goan Mixologist

Indian alcoholic beverages market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with several yet to be explored segments. Today, more and more establishments are starting to offer a range of cocktails, from basic to a wide range, as there is certainly a demand to meet. Innovation and novelty are becoming a norm and Indian Mixologists are becoming more creative in all aspects of making cocktails.Meet Goa based Devi Singh Bhati, Bartender and Mixologist, who has recently been honoured with the INCA 2017 Best Mixologist of Goa award. His is a story of determination, courage, will and hard work, all to bring his life, that had gone astray, back on the path to success.

Devi Singh Bhati winning INCA 2017 Best Mixologist of Goa award and Ultimate Bartender Championship by Monkey Shoulder
Devi Singh Bhati – (L) INCA 2017 Best Mixologist of Goa award and (R) Winner of Ultimate Bartender Championship by Monkey Shoulder

Devi hails from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. During his schooling, he was one of the bright students of his class. However, as a teenager, he made some wrong choices and ended in bad company of friends. He got distracted and left his home to Jaipur after completing his 10th. He worked there as a security guard for few months and then as a tiffin delivery boy. Regretting his decision, he came back to Jodhpur to continue his studies but could not clear 12th. He then started to work in events as a waiter. Later, he also joined a three star hotel in Jaisalmer and worked there for few months but again it was his past who kept on haunting him. No one believed in him anymore and with no support from family and friends, he took a decision to move to Goa.

I love to have a good balance in cocktails. Creating new cocktails is same like making a good dish. You need to understand the flavour of the ingredients and their favourable combinations before coming up with a new recipe.
Devi Singh Bhati

In Goa, he started to work as a dish washer in one of the beach shacks and was soon made a waiter. One day, as the main bartender was unavailable, Devi prepared a drink for a foreigner guest and he liked it. The guest suggested him to think about being a bartender. Up until then, Devi was taking things as they came his way and was not really serious about planning a career as such. However, this suggestion somehow got stuck and it kept on lingering in his mind. He started making conscious efforts to enter the bar of his shack, observe the work of the bartender closely and occasionally started to fill in for him. He liked the work and from there on he decided he will make a career in bartending.

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Devi Singh Bhati Cafe Mambos by Titos Group
Devi Singh Bhati at Cafe Mambos, Goa
Devi Singh Bhati Cafe Mambos by Titos Group 3
Devi Singh Bhati showcasing his skills at Cafe Mambos, Goa
Devi Singh Bhati at Swing Cocktail Bar
Devi Singh Bhati serving a guest at Swing Cocktail Bar, Goa
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Well, bartending as a career is easier said than done. Devi visited almost all bars of Goa but found it difficult to get a job as a bartender without any degree or experience. Finally, after lot of efforts, he got an opportunity to work in Café Mambos (of famous Tito’s Group). With the diverse crowd, both domestic and foreigners, at the Café, Devi got a very good exposure to bartending and started to fall in love with his work. After working there for an year or so, he joined Cavala Seaside Resort for a brief stint and then Swing Cocktail Bar. He is currently occupied in providing his services at various events for the ongoing holiday season in Goa.

I owe my success in Mixology to Karl Fernandes. He has been my guide and mentor in this art.  
Devi Singh Bhati

Devi Singh Bhati with Karl Fernandes
Devi Singh with his mentor and guide Karl Fernandes

World Class TM Competition 2017

World Class TM is an internationally recognized competition by Diageo, the famous alcohol beverage company. The contest elevates the craft of the bartending industry and builds careers as well as transforms the cocktail culture around the world.

Devi Singh prepared tirelessly for the competition and trained under his mentor Karl Fernandes. In this year’s competition, World Class India picked 12 of India’s best mixologists from a batch of around 300. The Top 12 were picked after a gruelling 6 months of written tests, practical rounds and mini competitions.  Devi Singh finished in the top 6 at the end of the competition.

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Devi Singh Bhati World Class 2017 Competition
Mixologist Devi Singh created his favourite drink bastian for the World Class competition finals. He created it with Talisker whisky, salted ghee bati liqueur (ghee bati is traditional food in Rajasthan) and almond bitters. For garnish, he used fresh cashew which he infused in brandy and Cinnamon sticks.
Devi Singh Bhati World Class 2017 Competition finalists
Mixologist Devi Singh Bhati made it to the top 6 finalists of the World Class 2017 Competition
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My speciality is to give not only a good cocktail to my guests but also give a good experience. You can have a good cocktail at many places but giving a life time remembering experience is the best thing.
Devi Singh Bhati

Most people don’t do well with ambiguity, achievers do. His passion for the art of drink making helps him create innovative cocktails to give memorable experiences for his clients. Devi’s goal now is to be one of the best Mixologist in the world and open his own bar to make a mark of Indians in the world of liquid chefs. Situations make people who they are but only when they counter it, face it and use it to get the best out of them. Devi Singh Bhati is a living example of it.

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