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Python Pandas Workshop Pune

Python Pune Group organizes Technical Workshop on Data Analysis using Python pandas

Python Pune Group, a community of passionate Python Programmers predominantly from Pune, is an active group that hosts meetups, workshops regularly in the city. The objective of this group is to create a collaboration platform for learning and sharing of knowledge on Python.

Recently, they organized a technical workshop on 28th May at Amazatic Solutions, Pimple Saudagar, Pune, on Data Analysis using Python pandas as part of Data Science series in their May Monthly Meetup.


In a typical Data Science project, 60%-70% of total time is consumed in extracting, cleaning, preparing and analyzing the data before the actual model building and validation phase begins. pandas is an open source library providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python programming language.

Chandan Kumar, Software Engineer at Red Hat along with equally passionate Pythonistas from Amazatic Solutions had organized the event.

Sudarshan Gadhave, Data Engineer and Data Science Enthusiast working with NEC Corporation of America (NEC Japan), was the Subject Matter Expert for this workshop.

He covered following topics using Case Studies

• Numpy basics
pandas Data Structures and basics
• Data Loading
• Data Wrangling (Clean, Transform, Merge)
• Data Aggregation and grouping operations
• Exploratory Data Analysis and Descriptive Statistics
• Plotting and Visualization

The participants of the workshop were highly appreciative of the information shared by Sudarshan.

Sudarshan Gadhave Python Pandas Workshop
Sudarshan Gadhave presenting Python Pandas at the workshop


Sudarshan Gadhave Python pandas workshop Pune
This was very enriching experience for me as I also learnt a lot while preparing for the session – Sudarshan Gadhave

I really appreciate the selfless effort Sudarshan and Chandan have put to train people at the cost of their weekends! I was impressed by the presentation – Pradeep A. Joglekar

Awesome talk by Sudarshan, It was very informative and helpful session, Chandan thanks for organising this talk – Vikas Gaikwad

The group has decided to conduct a mini hackathon in the next meetup in continuation with their Data Science series to get their hands dirty on Python pandas.

Click here for additional information on the workshop.

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