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Green Hills Tree Plantation

Making hills around Pune Green is their Dream

Green Hills Group has been working for more than 13 years in rain water harvesting and tree plantation in Pune. The devoted nature lovers of the group carry a dream and have mission impossible ahead of them – they want to make hills around Pune Green!

Hanuman Tekdi (Hill)
Hill portion between Fergusson college, Bruhan Maharsatra College of Commerce (BMCC) and Symbiosis college is known as Hanuman Tekdi. For the last eight years, the group is planting trees on Hanuman Tekdi. The biggest challenge they face is to ensure adequate water at hill top. It requires lot of commitment from individuals and lot of team work from everyone and this group has delivered it time and again.

The hill has four stone quarries at the ground level. The group has diverted rain water streams to this quarry by constructing water trenches. The rain water gets collected in the stone quarry at the foot of the hill near Bal Chitravani. Approximate capacity of this quarry is around 35 to 40 lakh (4 Million) litres of water. The approximate area of the hill is around 70 acres. They have constructed more than 10 water tanks to cover most of the parts of hill .

From November to June , they reuse the water collected in stone quarry by pumping it into the water tanks. They use two to five litre plastic cans for watering the plants. Pune Municipal Corporation has also constructed a sixty thousand litres tank, provided permanent water connection and also laid the pipeline for connecting this tank with other tanks on the hill.

The committed members of the group have ensured plants get enough water throughout the year. Some of their members spend approximately two hours on almost every day to water the plants. The group has also started a small nursery on this hill.

Green Hills Group Coco Peat and Water Cans
Green Hills group members taking Coco Peat and Water Cans to the hill top

Tree Plantation and Maintenance Program
Shivsamrajya Pratishthan along with some of the alumni of Dr. Kalmadi High School organized a Tree plantation drive with the support of Green Hills group on 29th May 2016 at Hanuman Tekdi. They planted various types of plants including Jamun (Indian blackberry), Mango and Jarul (Pride of India).

Green Hills Treen Plantation Drive Core Team
Right to Left: Rakesh Kodaganur (Event organiser), Bhavik Shaha, Ravi Purandare sir (Founder member of Green Hills Group), Shankar Nagavi and Madiwal Dhoregol (Event Co-Organiser) showing the use of Coco Peat

Green Hills Group Coco peat
The rich ready material for Coco Peat, a nourishing agent for plants

Mr. Ravi Purandare, founder member of Green Hills group, explained the team about Japanese method of Plantation and the importance of Coco Peat. Coco Peat beds are prepared by using the waste parts of coconut. There is a machine that cuts the dry shell of used coconut. Students prepare manure using the dry leaves. Tons of dry leaves are collected during summer and put in the rectangular pits to produce manure. Saplings are planted in the Coco Peat that absorbs and retains water even during summer. They use Japanese method of plantation wherein large number of saplings are planted in a smaller piece of land.

It was wonderful experience. It feels good when you are doing something for the nature and outcome is for the whole society. Would like to be part of this every year.I really appreciate your initiative in this and thank you for taking all of us in this great cause. Sumalata Mulya, Nature Lover


We have been working with Green Hills group since 2005. Students visit the site every week and carry forward the maintenance work under the guidance of Shri. Ravi Purandare sir. Sunita Shirgupi, ex-principal of Dr. Kalmadi High School.


Global warming is one of the main burning issues in the world. The survival of human beings in the future will depend on today’s tree plantation initiatives. So we organized this event. Rakesh Kodagnoor, Event Organizer and Vice President of ShivSamrajya Pratishthan


It was a great experience. It is dedicated to all my ShivSamrajya Pratisthan members. Akash Shinde, President of Shivsamrajya Pratishthan


With the help of such initiatives and support of many nature loving people, the Green Hills group has planted more than two thousand trees on this hill so far. The success in this journey is slow and is not visible to society for 5 to 6 years. However, over the years, they have managed to overcome many obstacles and with faith in Nature God they are sure of achieving their dream – to make the hills around Pune Green!

If you are a nature lover and interested to know more or contribute to this initiative, please access Green Hills Group Website

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