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Fitness goals you reach, with this expert on the beach

Sunil Karmalkar - Sunil Fitness Wave - Beach Fitness - Cover

Beaches in Goa are the perfect definition of picturesque landscape making your experience here truly magical. It is a delightful change, after escaping from the noisy bustle of our daily work. There’s just nothing else like it. There are, however, many other benefits to this glorious landscape like using it as our gym! Exercising at the beach is one of life’s pleasures. There are so many benefits to working out on the beach, for our mind, body and spirit. And if you’re looking for a more structured way to maximise your workout time at Miramar beach, your best bet is to join Sunil’s Fitness Wave. It is a one-of-its-kind, beach fitness venture by Sunil Karmalkar, certified fitness trainer, that takes advantage of natural terrain of the beach to get you in shape.

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Being Unconventional is the Strength of this Goan Fitness Trainer

Sunil Karmalkar Cover

In each person lies their best and healthiest selves. As people have become health-conscious and image-sensitive, so has the pursuit of fitness. However, so many times we see people start a fitness program feeling motivated and lose interest quickly because it becomes boring after a while! But, hold on - a lot of enthusiasts from Goa don't get bored at all with their fitness regimen and the reason - their multi-talented certified fitness trainer Sunil Karmalkar. With a decade of experience under his belt in designing contemporary, unconventional and creative fitness programs, tailored as per individual's requirements, for indoor and outdoor (including the beautiful Goan beaches) applications, he has created his own distinct identity that sets him miles apart. Let's dig deep!

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