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These Experts can know your Personality and much more from your Handwriting

International Institute of Graphology

Sandip Arsude, a graphology expert, founded International Institute of Graphology in Pune in 2012 with his better half Sonali Arsude. Their institute's major goal is to do intensive research and coaching in Graphology and to increase the awareness about it in the society. They have Identified handwriting traits that reveal diseases and physical challenges, analyzed more than 25,000 samples and trained more than 500 students in Graphology.

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Letters dance on his strokes – Meet Niket Dixit, The Calligraphist Extraordinaire

Niket Dixit Calligraphy Workshop Dnyan Prabodini lower quality

Niket Dixit is a Calligraphist Extraordinaire. Calligraphy is his passion and he is always ready to spread his knowledge of this art form. He conducts workshops all across Pune city as well as in rural areas and has a rare distinction of teaching this art to more than 2000 students so far. He is also an experienced graphic designer who has done design projects and branding for various companies.

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