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She quit teaching engineering to become artist, is more alive doing painting than anything else

Tejashree Khanvilkar - Tejashree Creations - Cover 3

She can see her finished painting before she starts the first stroke. Being self-taught gives her no boundaries on what is right or wrong. Infact, she thinks there isn't any right or wrong in art. Using her personal experiences and surroundings as inspirations and with her strong creative instincts, she paints for the challenge and sheer joy of being able to express herself in a visual form. A young Engineering Professor who left her career to follow her passion, she challenged the stereotypical mind-set of her peers by organizing her own exhibitions to establish herself in the industry. Meet Pune based Tejashree Khanvilkar, founder of Tejashree Creations, a well known artist and a respected art teacher, who takes her students on a tour of self realization to find the artist in themselves.

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Richa Kapre and Rahee Walambe of Rock Paper and Scissor – United by passion of Jewellery making, Known by their handmade creations


Rock Paper and Scissor (RPS), started by Richa Kapre and Rahee Walambe in Dec'12, offers a small world of eclectic collections of ready to wear jewellery in so many varieties that you will be spoilt for choice. The duo can create something magical for any requirement, whether it be home decor or costume jewellery. Gifting has never been so easy ... and of course, you also end up shopping for yourself in the bargain!

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