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AMU Botany Professor honoured with MTRES Teaching Excellence Award 2018

Education plays a vital role in building the future of our nation by transforming lives and communities. We have several educator heroes who help students aim high and achieve their potential, often meeting and overcoming considerable challenges along the way. Recently Delhi based MT Research & Educational Services (MTRES) came up with Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) 2018, to recognize the monumental role teachers play in our society as they instil a desire to learn and achieve and create tomorrow’s leaders. Meet one of the awardees, Dr. Nafees Ahmad Khan, Professor and Chairperson, Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University, who has been honoured with Outstanding Teacher Award in MTRES TEA 2018.

Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan - MTRES Teachers Excellence Award
Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan was honoured with MTRES Teaching Excellence Award 2018

Dr. Khan has a rich teaching experience of 28 years in subjects like Advanced Plant Physiology and other plant sciences to under-graduate and post-graduate students. He obtained graduation and post-graduation degrees in 1981 and 1983 respectively, and was awarded Ph.D. in Botany (Plant Physiology) in 1988 and D.Sc. in 2006. He was selected for Assistant Professor in 1990 and Professor of Plant Physiology in 2006. He was awarded merit scholarships at various levels of education.

Dr. Khan has supervised research of 15 Ph.D., 05 M.Phil. and 42 M.Sc. students and successfully completed many research projects of worth Rs. 1.8 Crores, sponsored by DBT, DST, UGC and UP-CST. He has published 18 books (including 2 authored books) with reputed publishers including Elsevier, Springer, CRC Press, NOVA and Alpha Science. He has contributed immensely in research and has publications in the most reputed journals of plant science. He has published about 170 research papers in the journals of international repute with a total impact factor of about 200, citation of 6800 and h-index 41.

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Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan - Books 1
Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan has several books published with publishers of international repute
Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan - Books 2
Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan has several books published with publishers of international repute
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The research of Dr. Khan is focused around understanding the mechanisms of hormonal and nutritional regulation of plant growth. His research has revealed that phytohormones (gibberellic acid, ethylene, salicylic acid, nitric oxide and jasmonates) play the most prominent role in affecting nutrient assimilation, and regulation of antioxidant defense system thereby enhancing abiotic stress tolerance. Also, there exists cross-talk between hormones for the modulation of nutrient-use efficiency, source-sink relations and abiotic stress tolerance. These findings have been reported in the most prestigious journals of plant science like Plant Physiology, Plant, Cell & Environment, Journal of Experimental Botany, Environmental and Experimental Botany, Frontiers in Plant Science, Plant Growth Regulation, Plant Science, BMC Plant Biology and Journal of Plant Physiology.

Recognizing his significant research findings, Dr. Khan has been awarded with several prestigious awards and honours in the past. He was selected for the prestigious Mid-Career award (2018) by the University Grants Commission, Govt. of India; Scientist Award-2018, Academic Brilliance Awards-14 and Special Mention Scientist Award (Science & Technology Awards 2013) by EET CRS, Educationexpo.tv India. Earlier, he was awarded with the Scientist of the Year award and Eminent Scientist of the Year award in 2005 and 2006 respectively by the National Environmental Science Academy (NESA), New Delhi. He has also been a Research Awardee by the University Grants Commission for 2002-2005 and Visiting Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in the year 2000.

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Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan - Botany Professor AMU
Recognizing his significant research findings, Dr. Nafees Ahmad Khan has been awarded with several prestigious awards and honours.
Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan - Tree plantation drive organized by non-teaching staff of Dept of Botany, AMU
Dr Nafees Ahmad Khan during a Tree plantation drive organized by Department of Botany, AMU

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Dr. Khan is a Research Group Leader in a DBT-BUILDER programme for Education and Research, Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi. He has also worked as Subject Expert for various foreign universities like Fayoun University, Egypt; Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rehman University, KSA; Cairo University, Egypt and King Abdul Aziz University, KSA. He is also the Vice President, National Environmental Science Academy, New Delhi, Executive Editor of the Journal of Functional and Environmental Botany, Editor of the Indian Journal of Plant Physiology, fellow of the Indian Botanical Society and Indian Society for Plant Physiology.

MT Research & Educational Services is an initiative to bridge the gap between academics and industry. It was founded in 2013 with the combination of industry, academic and research personnel. They execute various educational events (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Short Term Courses, Trainings and Competitions) throughout India. They provide various educational platforms for direct engagement of students, academicians and corporates. They execute internships and placement drives also in colleges. Website.

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