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Umber UX – The creative powerhouse that helps companies define engaging user experiences

Wikipedia defines User Experience (UX) as a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service. 

Users are not bothered about technology nor are they bothered about your backend infrastructure and technical capabilities – what they are looking for is a world class interaction with your products and services which will help them solve their real time problems.

Shetall Natuu
Shetall Natuu, Founder

It is with this key focus that Shetall Natuu started Umber UX in 2013 to provide a one stop solution for User Experience design needs. Start-ups, Mid-size companies as well as Individual aspirants engage with Umber UX to get independent unadulterated advice on UX, business design and find the missing links for the successful launch of their products.

Information Architecture Workshop
Information Architecture Workshop

Concept Brainstorming session
Concept Brainstorming session

Shetall Natuu, a NID alumna, is a seasoned Mentor and Design Consultant. She spearheads Design Research and Design Thinking and helps companies to design businesses with a differentiating design Strategy. She is supported by her colleagues Chaitali Tannirwar (leftmost in the cover photo) and Tushar Vaidya (rightmost in the cover photo). Chaitali handles the Crafting of experience design through structured UX process and Tushar plays the anchor role of Technical Capabilities needed to support this team.

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Persona mapping and User Senario
Umber UX – Persona mapping and User Senario
Wireframe of a Mobile App
Umber UX – Wireframe of a Mobile App
Whiteboarding Concepts
Umber UX – Whiteboarding Concepts
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Usability testing and design review is also one core strength of Umber UX. Umber UX housed in their own setup in Warje, Pune, provides services to large companies to get their User experience evaluated. Umber has the required technical and physical setup to carry out usability testing work. Product companies who develop their products but can’t figure out what’s going wrong take help of Umber UX’s usability testing facility. A large team of appropriate individuals are shortlisted to participate in design reviews. Through this they find out the errors that their end user may do if the developed product is launched untested. Umber UX is one of the top few specialised consultancy firms in India offering such services.

60+ students trained in UX Design

Association with many Startup clients 

Usability Testing for domestic and international clients

Clients – Cognizant Interactive, Vodafone, Reliance Games, Welspun Global

UX Gupshup

To connect with young and dynamic entrepreneurs, budding start-ups and give them a platform to showcase their work, Umber UX started UX Gupshup last year. Umber has been instrumental in inviting start-up mentors, technocrats, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts from allied fields to share their knowledge on this platform. The online presence of this group is quite good and now individuals from remote locations are also digitally connecting to present and share their work. They have scheduled their 12th knowledge sharing session titled Living UX on Saturday, 16th Jul 2016.

11 sessions completed

300+ members and growing

UX gupshup
UX Gupshup session at Umber Learning Facility

UX gupshup
UX Gupshup session at Umber Learning Facility

Umber UX also works on their own products and soon they will be launching a very well designed solution for Senior Citizens.

Umber UX website

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