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Homemaker turned Award Winning Exhibition Organizer grows her empire stall by stall

Neetu Agrawal - Expression Lifestyle Events - Indore

Our economy is growing and the exhibitions market has witnessed a significant change and growth over the last decade. The Indian exhibitions market is estimated at Rs 65,000 crore with growth rate of 12% per annum. No two exhibition events are ever the same and so it is one of the most dynamic, interesting and ever-changing domains. Meet Indore based Neetu Agrawal, Homemaker turned award winning Exhibition Organizer and Founder of Expression Lifestyle Events, who, in spite of having no prior experience in this field, has managed to build a successful empire defying all stereotypes.

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Inspiring people to make better health choices

Supriti Singh - Sunburst Wellness - Fitness Consultant - Nutritionist

The Indian fitness and wellness industry is going through a revolution of sorts. Primarily influenced by societal changes, changing lifestyle and rise in health consciousness, consumers are increasingly making more informed choices and embracing different offerings like traditional and modern fitness regimens, preventive healthcare and personalized services. Fitness and wellness players have also responded to this change through a paradigm shift in their focus and today the industry is being disrupted with fresh ideas that aim towards maintaining a sound body and mind. Meet Mumbai based Supriti Singh, ACE certified Fitness consultant and Nutritionist, whose programs have brought about a sea change in the lives of her clients. She is a recipient of 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leader Award at the 2nd World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards held in Mumbai.

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They not only make an event happen, they make it happening

Narmada Events Jabalpur - Vipul Pandey - Abhishek Patel - Vidit Soni

Event Management is looked upon as a sunrise industry in the service sector today. As per a report by EY-EEMA, the events industry (organized portion) in India is predicted to grow over 16% CAGR and cross Rs. 10,000 Crore mark by 2020-21. The functioning of the Industry is also getting extremely professional and organized with time. Meet the vibrant team behind Narmada Events, the leading event management firm from Jabalpur, who are transforming their events into experience creation with amalgamation of technology, innovative ideas and creative content. Recipient of MyFM Entrepeneurs and Excellence award 2017, they not only make an event happen, they make it a happening one.

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He doesn’t design spaces, he designs relationships

Vipin Bakiwala Architect Jaipur

In today's world, the way we live, work and play is undergoing changes so fast that the distinction between office, home and recreation spaces is tending to blur. Architects and Interior Designers are experimenting with colors, light, texture and geometry that bring out the required function and form to fulfil multiple purposes in a defined amount of space. Meet Vipin Bakiwala, Architect, Interior and Product Designer from Jaipur, who constantly aims to experiment with spaces and materials by drawing inspirations from the Indian traditional concepts and international styles to create beautiful and connecting elements. He has been recently honoured as The Most Creative Interior Designer In Jaipur by India Business Awards, 2017.

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With Bookspace as your neighbourhood library, Read Books in your Space at your Pace

Bookspace Cover

Bookspace is a unique online books rental library in Pune that provides free home delivery all across Pune city, extremely affordable pricing and no time limit on book return. Founded by Prasad Kulkarni and Abhijit Nakate in 2014, Bookspace today has a collection of over 15000+ books, boasts of a 1000+ paid subscriber base and growing rapidly. Their motto is Read books in your space and at your pace.

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