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Supriti Singh - Sunburst Wellness - Fitness Consultant - Nutritionist

Inspiring people to make better health choices

The Indian fitness and wellness industry is going through a revolution of sorts. Primarily influenced by societal changes, changing lifestyle and rise in health consciousness, consumers are increasingly making more informed choices and embracing different offerings like traditional and modern fitness regimens, preventive healthcare and personalized services. Fitness and wellness players have also responded to this change through a paradigm shift in their focus and today the industry is being disrupted with fresh ideas that aim towards maintaining a sound body and mind. Meet Mumbai based Supriti Singh, ACSM certified Weight Management Specialist, Nutrition and Food Consultant, whose programs have brought about a sea change in the lives of her clients. She is a recipient of 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leader Award at the 2nd World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards held in Mumbai.

Supriti Singh - Most Impactful Healthcare Leader Award
Supriti Singh being honoured with 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leader Award at the 2nd World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards held in Mumbai, Feb’18.

Supriti’s journey in the industry is nothing less than a turnaround story and it didn’t start with fitness. With a diploma in Hotel Management from IHM Mumbai in 1997, she had set out for making a career in food industry. She worked for a year with gourmet guru Karen Anand’s startup, Karen’s Gourmet Kitchen. However, she soon realized that it was not the area of her calling. Being passionate about fitness and dance, she joined Terence Lewis Academy as a principle company member and fitness trainer. She also worked as a Group Fitness Trainer at THE CLUB, Mumbai.

During the late 90s, choosing Fitness as a career was not easy. I faced a lot of resistance. I was a contemporary dancer and aerobics instructor in the beginning of my career and neither one had the status, dancers and fitness trainers enjoy today. After completing a Diploma in Hotel Management, to ‘settle’ for work in the fitness industry made no sense to many people in my circle.
Supriti Singh

Supriti Singh – The Fitness Consultant

  • Group Fitness and Personal Training Specialisation with the American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Certifications in Kickboxing, Pilates, Core-work, Rep-Reebok, Aqua-fitness, Step, Functional Training and Zumba
  • Was personal trainer for celebrities like Madhuri Dixit Nene, Bela Sehgal, Pinkie Roshan, Sunaina Roshan, Flora Saini
  • Other clients included Namrata Barua, Jaya Prada, Rati Agnihotri, Noureen Morani, Raj Zutshi, Rushad Rana

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Supriti Singh - Bodyworks Studio 1
Supriti Singh’s fitness studio – Supriti’s Bodyworks
Supriti Singh - Bodyworks Studio 2
Supriti Singh’s fitness studio – Supriti’s Bodyworks
Supriti Singh - Sunburst Studio
Supriti Singh’s creative wellness studio – Sunburst
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In 2001, she also ventured in the wellness space and was one of the pioneers who launched healthy snacking and started a brand of home-made health snacks called Nibbles. She even conducted various soup and salad workshops to aide people to prepare better food for themselves at home. She also launched her boutique fitness studio Supriti’s Bodyworks in 2008, specialising in small group classes for a personalised fitness experience. However, all these years of hard work started taking a toll on her health and she suffered from chronic exercise syndrome which led to a compromised endocrine system. So much so that in order to conceive, she had to take a complete break from all physical activity.

The emotional toll it takes on the body to go from being super fit to being completely home-bound is difficult to explain. Through trying to conceive, to the pregnancy, to the post partum cloud of emotions – life felt like one struggle after another to me.
Supriti Singh

Supriti feels of all the amazing experiences she has had, her most challenging was that of becoming a mother. Instead of the bliss that motherhood promises; she went through a very difficult time. She took time off from work to spend with her daughter, her career took a backseat and along with that went her independence and freedom.

Having no knowledge of what postpartum depression actually was, I struggled alone to keep afloat. Here I was, with a wonderful home, a gorgeous baby, a supportive husband. Everything was great, but try as I might, I could not feel happy. That was my rock bottom, my wakeup call.
Supriti Singh

She moved to Canada for 9 months when her husband was transferred there for work. Fortunately, this gave her the time and space she needed to introspect and reconnect with herself. She spent a lot of time working out her issues – mostly emotional and related to past baggage – that had bogged her down for so many years.

I returned to Mumbai with a fresh perspective with the motto – “Life is not about finding oneself; it’s about creating oneself”. Today I can proudly say that I have fought off a lot of my demons – those dark days now serve as a roadmap for me to guide anyone else going through a similar path.
Supriti Singh

Supriti Singh - Seminar
Supriti Singh speaking at All Ladies League, Mumbai

In 2014, Supriti started a creative wellness company Sunburst with a view to merge body and mind health. The studio hosted Zentangle™ and Art Therapy classes, Chakra healing workshops, Numerology, Angel therapy etc, along with such radical fitness classes such as Doonya to address the need for creative expression in a full, healthy life. It took some time, but slowly and surely the results began to show and she started receiving amazing feedback from her clients.

Mind and body wellness through alternative methods & creativity really opened up the horizons for my clients, and showed how simply addressing and expressing an issue can bring a cascading effect of changes in all areas of their lives.
Supriti Singh

Towards end of last year she has also launched a hormonal rebalance program METABOOST™. This program is culmination of her 8 years of research and practical experiences that she shares with her clients who are struggling to get their hormonal imbalances in check. It is a unique diet and fitness plan specifically targeted to address metabolic syndrome – a cluster of metabolic risk factors that could include insulin resistance, hypertension (high blood pressure), cholesterol abnormalities, and PCOS. Her program has shown profound positive changes in several clients- ranging from weight loss to thyroid rebalancing.

It’s a real blessing to be able to change someone’s life, literally!
Supriti Singh

Supriti Singh - World Health Congress Award
Supriti Singh’s company Sunburst Wellness received 50 Best Wellness Companies – Global Listing citation at the 2nd World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards held in Mumbai, Feb’18.

Supriti Singh – The Wellness Consultant and Nutrionist

  • Founder of Sunburst, a company that targets Mind and Body wellness
  • Sunburst awarded with 50 Best Wellness Companies – Global Listing citation at the 2nd World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards, Mumbai
  • Consultant at fitness and wellness centers like Hybrid Fitness and De Mantraa
  • Created METABOOST™, a unique diet and fitness plan specifically targeted to address metabolic syndrome
  • Provides online consultation to clients even from multiple countries outside India – from Canada to South Africa to Indonesia
  • Areas of research- Hormonal weight gain, Habit and behavior modification for permanent health benefits.

She is also currently associated as a consultant with Hybrid Fitness, an Andheri based Multi-speciality fitness center and De Mantraa, a holistic wellness center with an aim to transform lives. She also conducts group sessions for Nutrition Education which includes identifying roadblocks, behaviour modification, recipe guidelines and goal-setting. She has online courses and a video series in the pipeline, along with a book planned as well. She is on a mission now to inspire as many people as she can to make better choices and invest in a better future for themselves.


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