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He unboxes a child’s potential with his Box of Science

Parag Gore Education Venture Box Of Science Activity Based Learning Pune

Most of us agree with the notion that Education System in India needs a revolution of sorts and not just reforms. The current system of book-based and theory-oriented teaching ought to be modified to make the students learn by practice and experience that will enable cognitive growth and development. While a majority of us only keep harping about it, there are few who have taken it upon themselves to change the current learning models. Meet Pune based Parag Gore, who, through the unique DIY kits produced by his edu venture Box of Science, is transforming the way science is experienced by the students and taught by teachers. With over 50,000 students benefitting from his Activity Based Learning models in the last 5 years, Parag feels his journey has only begun.

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Siddhi Sakla Jain’s The Learning Pod – An Architect transforming Learning Services

The Learning Pod

Siddhi Sakla Jain launched The Learning Pod in April 2016 at Gangadham Chowk, Pune. It is a rent an hour studio space which caters to various fields of learning and is well equipped with all modern facilities and state of the art infrastructure making the environment conducive to all age groups. Within just 4 months, The Learning Pod has already conducted over 50 workshops, has 25 classes running currently and has catered to over 5000 participants. Buoyed by the success of her venture, Siddhi is planning to expand in Pune and beyond.

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