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Team AISSMS wins Technical Championship of CoEP MindSpark 2016

AISSMS Technical Championship MindSpark 2016

MindSpark is the national level, annual technical festival of College Of Engineering, Pune (CoEP). One of the most awaited events in Pune, MindSpark is regarded among the best technical platforms in the country for showcasing engineering brilliance and competing among the best. Top colleges participate every year to compete for the coveted Technical Championship at MindSpark. Every event won during this Championship, that spans across three days, is a stepping stone to winning the coveted Champions Trophy. Team AISSMS were the proud winners of the Technical Championship this year.

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Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan’s Fashion Fundas Institute – A powerhouse for budding Fashion Designers in Pune


Fashion Fundas is a well known fashion design institute in Pune founded by Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan in the year 2000. A recognized Singer India sewing school, it is well equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure for fashion designing courses, stitching, sketching, hand embroidery and fashion technology. At Fashion Fundas, its one year course is career oriented - the students start taking orders for work from first month itself. This way, on completion of the course, the student has not only learnt the art of fashion design, she also has a ready customer base to cater to.

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Sumit Asrani, The ChEngineer who left job and chose teaching to develop smart Process Engineers


Sumit Asrani, a chemical engineer (ChEngineer) and freelance trainer by profession, is on a mission to develop highly skilled chemical, process, biotech engineers in Process Modeling and Simulation. He conducts trainings in various colleges and institutions across India. He left his job in 2014 to pursue teaching as a career and has trained more than 500 students so far.

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Muziclub celebrates sixth anniversary – dedicates growth to its 5000 students


Muziclub was started in June'2010 at Baner, Pune. Yogesh Rathore, Devinder Singh Chahal and Vinay Peshwa, all senior IT Professionals, gave the club the entrepreneurial boost to scale up its vision, operations and outreach. Hardik Vaghela and Mohammed Muneem, who are also the founding members of the famous sufi-ethnic band "Alif" took the mantle of teaching the students in early days. From around 100 students in 2010, the club has trained more than 5000 students over the years through its branches in Pune and London.

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These Experts can know your Personality and much more from your Handwriting

International Institute of Graphology

Sandip Arsude, a graphology expert, founded International Institute of Graphology in Pune in 2012 with his better half Sonali Arsude. Their institute's major goal is to do intensive research and coaching in Graphology and to increase the awareness about it in the society. They have Identified handwriting traits that reveal diseases and physical challenges, analyzed more than 25,000 samples and trained more than 500 students in Graphology.

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